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A Magazine for Alumni and Friends of Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Vol. 30, No. 1 Fall 2005


24 Hours On Call
Photographs by Patrick J. Saine
Text by Laura Stephenson Carter

Hilary Ryder is a second-year resident in internal medicine at Dartmouth Hitchcock. That means, on most rotations, spending every fourth day on call. And that means at least 24 hours of nearly nonstop activity. Dartmouth Medicine shadowed Ryder for a day to show what life is like for a resident.

Beyond Nightingale
By Laura Stephenson Carter

Mary Hitchcock Hospital's nursing school closed its doors 25 years ago. But—as alumni and administrators at DHMC attest—nursing education and practice are thriving today at Hitchcock.

By Nancy Price Graff

There's no lab test to diagnose clinical depression, no scan to define its ravages. But it's as real as a tumor, as devastating as a stroke. Just how real, how devastating, is evident from this saga of one patient's struggle with seemingly intractable internal demons.

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"On call" is a term that is quite literal for resident Hilary Ryder—she spends a lot of time answering pages when she pulls a 24-hour shift. Photographer P.J. Saine followed her every step of the way one recent day . . . and night. See 24 Hours On Call for our photo-feature on residency.

IOM panel issues mammography recommendations

24 Hours On Call

Beyond Nightingale

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Fall 2005

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