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Dartmouth Medicine's print edition has a circulation of about 28,000. About 60% of its readers are involved in some way in medicine—as physicians, biomedical scientists, medical students, nurses, etc.—and about 40% are lay—patients, donors, parents, residents of the region, etc. The readership can be divided into five general categories, as follows:

Alumni (30% of the circulation)

  • alumni of DMS—of all preclinical, M.D., master's, and Ph.D. programs
  • widows/widowers of alumni
  • former DHMC housestaff and fellows
  • Dartmouth College alumni who went elsewhere to medical school
  • Dartmouth College alumni in leadership positions (e.g., Alumni Council members)

Public Relations/Community Relations (25% of the circulation)

  • New Hampshire hospitals
  • U.S. medical school deans
  • private physicians in the Medical Center's major referral area
  • inns, banks, and motels in the region
  • public libraries and high school libraries in Vermont and New Hampshire
  • members of the regional press, plus selected national science and medicine press
  • selected legislators
  • patients (the magazine is distributed in major waiting areas at DHMC)
  • in addition, we add to our mailing list, on a complimentary basis, anyone who would like to receive the magazine; we receive about 250 such requests a year

Development (25% of the circulation)

  • donors to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Annual Fund (the regional annual giving program)
  • members of the Friends of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center
  • foundation and corporate giving officers
  • capital donors and prospects

Internal (15% of the circulation)

  • faculty of DMS (including those with adjunct appointments)
  • DMS students in all programs
  • parents of DMS students
  • administrators of all the component institutions of DHMC
  • the nursing leadership of DHMC
  • overseers/trustees of all the DHMC component institutions
  • clinics and hospitals affiliated with DHMC and the Hitchcock Alliance
  • Dartmouth College administrators and academic department chairs

Premedical (5% of the circulation)

  • Dartmouth College undergraduate premedical students
  • premedical advisors at selected undergraduate "feeder" colleges
  • selected applicants to DMS


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