Health Leaders Circle – Investing in Geisel’s Greatest Needs

Health Leaders Circle

Now more than ever, our communities need curious, innovative, and compassionate healthcare leaders. And with your help, Geisel School of Medicine is preparing students for the challenges of the future.  

Through philanthropy, Geisel is working to meet every student’s needs so that a lack of financial resources does not stand in the way of pursuing their calling. Health Leaders Circle members are helping to lead the way! 

Health Leaders Circle is a committed group of donors who give $5,000 or more in a fiscal year to an unrestricted fund at Dartmouth Health and the Geisel School of Medicine, including the Fund for Geisel, Medical Student Scholarships, the Fund for Research and Discovery, and the Cancer Director’s Fund for Excellence.  

Unrestricted dollars are flexible, allowing emergent and critical needs to be funded immediately – not later.  

New philanthropic support from HLC members is already making a meaningful difference in the career paths of Geisel students in a variety of ways, including:  

  • Increased funding for scholarships and student stipends 
  • New research opportunities and expanded healthcare science and policy degree programs 
  • Career mentoring and coaching, and 24/7 counseling and mental health services 

Like staff and alumni do every day, Geisel is always looking to improve and innovate. Supporting an unrestricted fund provides the resources that make innovation possible. Dozens of alumni have already joined this fiscal year. You can learn more and join them at  

Written by Catherine Meno