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Building Networks

Cover ImageTable of Contents Geisel programs reflect the power of connecting and sharing information, at home and abroad.
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These disparities are unacceptable and need to be our concern, but
before we can move toward solutions we have to understand the problems.

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Highlights in this issue

Building Mental Health Care into Latin American Primary Care

Geisel researchers are leading an international effort to create a sustainable mental health-care model in Colombia.

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Dartmouth's MD-MBA Program: Training Change Agents

MD-MBA students learn the business side of healthcare to become agents of change.

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One Relationship at a Time, One Story at a Time

With the Beyond the Books program, four medical students are changing the way we see each other.

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Q&A with Dean Compton

Dartmouth Medicine sat down with Dean Compton to discuss his role, experience, and his goals for the school in the coming years.

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Solving Puzzles, Realizing a Dream

Lucy Tompkins (Med'73) was anything but your typical medical student in the 1970s.

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Translating Science to Medicine

As a child in Zimbabwe, Tamutenda Chidawanyika saw many people afflicted by illness and unable to get the treatment they needed. This fueled her desire to go into medicine.

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